Are you drowning in a deluge of corporate emails and social media posts about COVID-19?

This puts your business in a quandary. You, too, want to connect with customers, but you don’t want to annoy them. What should you do? Consider these guidelines:


  1. Make a safety statement only if it truly affects your customers, like if you’re a doctor’s office or a restaurant providing takeout service.
  2. Appreciate the intelligence of your customers. If your business has always been virtual or practically virtual, most folks will assume you’re still virtual. They don’t need to know that your team is working from home rather than in cubicles.
  3. Share content that people aren’t seeing in a million other places. One colleague recently posted an excellent chart on safety masks; the post got a lot of engagement!
  4. Get into your customers’ heads. Think about their personal crises and ask yourself, “Do they have the bandwidth to read my message?”
  5. Consider talking about stuff other than COVID-19. But make sure it’s relevant to our virtual world!


  1. Say something just to get your name “out there.”
  2. Ramble on and on. Few people can tolerate wordiness—with or without a pandemic.
  3. Muddle the message. For instance, if you’re sending a safety message, don’t tack on a coupon. People will see your true motive.
  4. Indulge in self-promotion. Instead, direct most of your shout-outs to heroes such as medical personnel and others on the front lines.
  5. Forget proofreading. Yes, some messages are urgent, but you should always look professional!

Remember: Some folks might need your business right now, but they might also need some space. Above all, trust your gut.

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