“Nobody cares.”

How do you feel when someone says this? Insulted? Distraught?

If you’re an entrepreneur, you should embrace this statement with heartfelt glee. After all, it’s the dose of reality you need to succeed.

Many entrepreneurs assume others are naturally fascinated by their products, services, and personal story. So they present hour-long sales pitches. They hand out brochures blanketed with 10-point font, yet lacking margins. They launch websites with 30 subpages and buttons galore. They figure people will gladly sift through the deluge of information…because they care!

The truth is, no one cares. Better put, few people have the bandwidth to care. Did you know the U.S. is among the top 10 stressed-out countries in the world? What’s the last thing you should give stressed-out people? More stuff to do!

Armed with this observation, savvy entrepreneurs:

  • Create simple websites with few pages. Their main value statement (i.e., how they solve people’s problems) is at the top of the home page.
  • Write social media posts that are just one or two sentences
  • Use clean graphics that are easy to understand
  • Spend more time listening to potential clients and less time talking
  • Have punchy, 30-second elevator pitches that are truly 30 seconds

Take an honest look at your sales and marketing efforts. Ask yourself: “How can I give people less stuff to do? How can I share my brand’s message in less time?”

People will appreciate your communication style. They’ll thank you by doing business with you.

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