In your daily business, do you find yourself typing the same phrases or sentences repeatedly to different people? Maybe you’re typing directions to your office, or instructions on how to pay you, or the same reminder to customers who think payment is optional. It’s like déjà vu for your fingers.

While I normally write (or type) about social media, today I’d like to tell you about an amazingly awesome productivity tool that has spared my fragile fingers from the harsh rigors of overtyping. It’s called TextExpander.

Before we go further, I should mention that TextExpander costs a tiny bit (less than $4/mo.) and that we at Delaware ShoutOut have zero affiliation with its producer. We just love TextExpander so much that we want to tell the world!

TextExpander allows you to create “snippets” that are essentially abbreviations of much larger text. For instance, before using TextExpander, I was regularly typing instructions on how to add someone as a Facebook page admin. It happened so often that I started banging my head against a wall. Now, with TextExpander, I just type ;FBAdmin (yes, a semicolon starts the snippet), and this auto-magically appears:

Once you’re on your Facebook business page:

(1) Go to Settings in the menu bar.
(2) Click on Page Roles in the left margin.
(3) Add your desired Admin or Editor from there. Admin allows for full access (including the ability to delete the page, just FYI), while Editor has a limited role (can still post content, etc.).

No more head injuries or dented walls. Problem solved.

I now have tons of snippets, including instructions for finding our office at the Emerging Enterprise Center (;address) and an invitation to business colleagues for a networking one-on-one (;1on1).

One snippet I’m in the process of creating is called ;sandwich. This will be for people who ask me for a consultation, but instead of paying our company’s hourly rate, they’d like to buy me a sandwich at Panera. (This is well worth a snippet, as any consultant can appreciate.) Unfortunately, this snippet isn’t quite ready for prime time, as you’ll see…

    Wow! Thank you for your generous offer. Your idea to pay with food rather than traditional currency really underscores your out-of-the box thinking. To ensure an even trade, I will ask for 15 sandwiches rather than one. Let me explain: The average Panera sandwich is $8, and 15 x $8 = $120, which is close enough to $125 (my hourly fee). You see, you’re getting a $5 discount!

Maybe sarcasm isn’t the way to go. I’ll keep working on this snippet.

Finally, if you don’t want to spend $4/month for TextExpander—and if you do most of your typing on your smartphone—consider creating keyboard shortcuts instead through your phone’s general settings. I use keyboard shortcuts primarily when I’m creating a spur-of-the-moment Instagram post and need to type a ton of hashtags. Again, no more head injuries or dented walls.

What productivity apps do you use? Let me know—they may be the topic of an upcoming article. We’re all about time savings here at Delaware ShoutOut!

Final snippet: ;day
Meaning: Have a great day!

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