What’s your social media strategy this holiday season?

No strategy?!? No worries! This is a judgment-free zone.* Here’s some content you can pull together in a jiffy.


  1. Write a thank-you post for your clients. They’ll be grateful for your gratitude!
  2. Post DIY tips on holiday décor and gift-wrapping.
  3. Post holiday safety tips about candles, Christmas trees, etc.
  4. Share a favorite holiday recipe. This will humanize your social media. You don’t need to be in the food business to post about food.
  5. Run a “Caption This!” contest. Find a holiday-themed pic on a free stock image site like Pixabay, and ask people to write a creative caption in the comments section. The winner gets a Visa gift card, or perhaps a free product or service from your company.
  6. Share 12 industry-related tips over 12 days. This is easier than you think! Just take 12 bits of expertise and write one or two sentences for each. Include an image or link to a relevant article. If you’re extra brave, share each tip on Facebook Live while wearing a Santa cap or ugly sweater.
  7. Buy a bunch of Santa caps, put them on your employees, and take a group photo. Make this the temporary cover photo on your social media sites. If any employees grumble, tell them to quit being such a Scrooge.
  8. Post photos of your office’s holiday décor. You can even make this a virtual video tour!
  9. No decorations yet? Then share photos or video during the decoration process! People love behind-the-scenes footage.
  10. Post pics of your holiday party. If your party already happened, you can still post the pics now. No one will know.
  11. Run a poll of your audience’s favorite holiday movies: It’s A Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, etc.
  12. Create a YouTube playlist of your favorite holiday tunes and share the playlist on social media.

Pick one tip or several tips—it’s your call! May your social media be filled with joy this holiday season!

*I have no room to judge. My social media planning skills don’t apply to my personal life. You’ll find me frantically shopping at Christiana Mall on 12/24.

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