How do you show love? With chocolates? Flowers?

Chocolate is fattening, and flowers die. It’s callous, but true. (Happy Valentine’s Day!) But here’s an amazing gift everyone in your life will appreciate–brevity. The more concisely you communicate, the less you waste other people’s time. That means they’ll have more time to spend as they wish. Time is a precious gift!

Brevity certainly applies to your social media. Tightly written posts will make your readers swoon. Did you know that posts with 80 or fewer characters receive, on average, 66% higher engagement?

This sentence has 63 characters, so you can picture the length.

Of course, some posts warrant more words. But take an honest look at your posts and see where you can trim verbiage. This will save time not only for your readers, but for you, too! Isn’t brevity lovely?

‘Nuff said.

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