When you post on social media, you know you can share images, videos, and links. But what about attaching a Word document? Or PowerPoint presentation? Or PDF? That’s where most social media users get stuck.

Well, get yourself unstuck…at least on LinkedIn. Few people know it, but LinkedIn lets you attach documents. This new-ish feature not only is convenient, but it offers additional benefits. Read on!

First, let’s see how to attach a document to a post. It’s easy! From your LinkedIn home screen, click on Start a post. Then click on the document icon.

Next, attach your file, add a title, and voila! You can attach documents not only from your home screen, but also on your company page and in groups.

Here’s why this feature is awesome:

  • Supposedly, LinkedIn delivers posts with document attachments to 2.5x more people. This is based just on one study; it’s hard to find statistics on LinkedIn document attachments! But let’s assume the stats are solid.
  • You’ll promote your thought leadership more easily, because readers will view your content directly on LinkedIn. They won’t need to click on a link.
  • Your posts will look cool. By extension, you’ll look cool.

NOTE: Attaching a document must be done directly on LinkedIn. Third-party prescheduling sites like Hootsuite and Buffer don’t yet have this functionality. Hopefully that will change soon, as we at Delaware ShoutOut love prescheduling tools!

If you have questions about LinkedIn, reach out to us! We’re here to help you pack more punch into your social media…without breaking a sweat.

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