Does the thought of outsourcing your social media make you cringe? You’re not alone. While many companies hire agencies to manage their social media, outsourcing isn’t always the best option.

You might want to keep your social media in-house when:

  1. You can’t afford to outsource
  2. You run a restaurant or retail store with constant activity to post about. An outside agency would struggle to keep up.
  3. You’re a Type-A control freak (like me)

All of these reasons are valid—especially #3. So once you decide to keep your social media in-house, here’s the big decision. Which employee should manage your social media? Should you choose:

  1. The employee with no professional writing or marketing experience, but who “grew up” on social media?
  2. The employee who needs more tasks to fill a 40-hour workweek?
  3. The employee who knows little about social media but has copywriting and general marketing experience?

Hopefully you picked #3. Unfortunately, many businesses go for #1 or #2.

Remember: The person you choose will serve as the mouthpiece for your company. They will be your corporate communications officer. Who in your organization is the best communicator?

Also keep in mind that social media is just one big software program. Anyone can learn it. But not just anyone is a good writer. And not just anyone knows marketing best practices. You need someone who can apply their professional background to a new software program.

Your company’s reputation matters. Give yourself the best chance to shine!

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