When advertising on social media, you want results, right? Maybe you want people to share your content. Or click on your link. Or call you. So how can you dramatically boost your odds of success?

Word choice, my dear. Certain “magic” words (and phrases) are proven to trigger readers to action. Oodles of market research back this up. Check out the list below!

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER BEFORE YOU READ THE LIST. Don’t just use these words, neglect all other advertising best practices, and expect a miracle. You must still pay attention to audience selection, ad placement, and images/videos. You should also combine these magic words into concise sentences that heed English grammar and spelling conventions.

FINAL-AND-EQUALLY-IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER. All words are listed alphabetically so as to not show favoritism or hurt any magic words’ feelings. That said, the magic words “you,” “because,” and “free” are my faves.

  • Act now
  • Amazing
  • Announcing
  • Bargain
  • Because
  • Breakthrough
  • Buy one, get one
  • Cancel at any time
  • Challenge
  • Complimentary
  • Discover
  • Easy
  • Effective
  • Everything included
  • Expires
  • Few
  • Free
  • Guaranteed
  • Harness the power of
  • Huge
  • Hurry
  • Immediately
  • Incredible
  • Instantly
  • Introducing
  • Join
  • Last chance
  • Limited
  • Magic
  • New
  • No obligation
  • No purchase necessary
  • Now
  • Or your money back
  • Painless
  • Powerful
  • Premium
  • Promise
  • Proven
  • Quick
  • Rare
  • Real results
  • Revolutionary
  • Rewards
  • Risk-free
  • Safe
  • Sale
  • Save
  • Secret
  • See for yourself
  • See why
  • Simple
  • Start
  • Suddenly
  • Unique
  • Unlock
  • Value
  • Wealth
  • What if?
  • While supplies last
  • You

Do you have your own magic words and phrases? Let me know! Reach out to me at brooke@deshoutout.com.

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