Are you video conferencing more than ever before? If so, here are tips to help you look your best (despite the pandemic):

1. Light it up. Place your main light source behind your webcam. In other words, the light and camera should both point toward you. If you can, avoid overhead lights; they create dark shadows that will make you look weary. Also, don’t have light behind you—like a window—as viewers will just see a bright light and your silhouette. This is acceptable only if you’re in a witness protection program.

2. Keep it eye level. You and the camera should see eye-to-eye. If the camera is lower, it will accentuate the lower part of your face and make you look heavier. You may need to get crafty to position the camera just right. For instance, if your camera is too low because it’s on your laptop, prop the laptop on some books. I have an external webcam, which I clip to the top of a spray bottle, which is propped up on a big book. It works like magic! (See image below.)

3. Observe KISS. Keep everything simple: your clothes, jewelry, background, etc. You may be tempted to try a fun “virtual background” that’s offered by video conferencing apps. However, this feature can be too distracting. Ultimately, you want viewers to focus on you.

Here’s a bonus tip for women: Wear lipstick! A videographer once told me that lips get “lost” in video. Lipstick helps return our faces to normal.

While I’m a social media trainer and not a videographer, I hope this advice helps! I’ve been video conferencing for a while and am happy to share anything that helps you navigate our heightened virtual existence.

Happy video conferencing!

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