Have you ever wasted an embarrassing amount of time looking for a password?

Do you avoid logging out of Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google, because you’re afraid you won’t be able to log back in?

Is a password reset impossible, because the reset notification would be sent to an old email you can’t access?

Believe me, I used to be in the same boat. But once I launched Delaware ShoutOut (four years ago this month!) and was responsible for many clients’ passwords, my team and I had to find a better way. The solution? A password manager.

A password manager is an extra-secure, encrypted site in which you can store all your passwords. The only password you need to remember is the one that gets you into the site! My personal favorite is LastPass. It’s considered the king of password managers. Check it out! Alternative sites include 1PasswordKeePassDashlaneTeamPassword, and in-browser password managers, although in-browser managers have varied levels of security.

Think of the time you’ll save by keeping your passwords in one secure spot. Over your lifetime, this can add up to DAYS or even WEEKS! You can use the extra time to write a book, volunteer at your favorite nonprofit, or spend quality time with your kids. Seriously, a password manager can transform your life!

Don’t think of a password manager as a nice-to-have. It’s a must-have. Drop what you’re doing (after you finish reading this paragraph), and make it happen now. You’ll be glad you did!

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