You probably know that live streaming, such as Facebook Live, is a powerful marketing tool. It often gets lots of engagement and brings your brand to life.

But do you shun live streaming for fear of embarrassment? What if you do something human, like trip over a word? What will people think???!!!

Snap out of it! Please be vulnerable—at least once in awhile. It will be one of your strongest selling points. That’s because people like people who are real, not plastic. And people buy from people they like.

Check out the following photo booth pics from my recent, ‘80s-themed high school reunion. It’s not a live stream, but you’ll get the point. You see where my hubby and I are caught off-guard between poses? That pic is the most real, for sure!

Little, unavoidable errors can be cute. They also show you care less about “how you look” and care more about serving your audience.

Admittedly, this advice comes on the heels of my article about avoiding typos like the plague. The difference is that you can proofread your writing; you can’t “proofread” your spontaneous speech. Your audience gets that.

So, if you’ve been on the edge of using Facebook Live or other live streaming app, go for it! Your audience looks forward to seeing the real you.

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