You’ll want to read this article if you:

  • understand the power of Facebook Live…
  • …but shudder at the thought of showcasing your vulnerability in live video.

What if you could create the same excitement of Facebook Live, minus the vulnerability?

Not too many people know about Facebook Premiere, a relatively new video tool. With Facebook Premiere, you enjoy the benefits of Facebook Live, but with prerecorded video. That’s right! Edit your video to your heart’s content, while giving the video the same sense of urgency as if it were live.

Here’s how Premiere works.

  1. Upload your prerecorded video to Facebook like a normal video post. Give your video a title, description, etc.
  2. Click “Next.”
  3. Select Premiere as your publishing option, and specify the date you want to publish your video.

Once you schedule your video, a post appears on your business page. The post includes a “Get Reminder” button for anyone who wants reminders just before your video airs.

Notifications occur 20 minutes and 3 minutes before the broadcast. The notification at the 3-minute mark invites viewers to join the Broadcast Lobby, where they can like, comment, and share before the video debuts. The notification even includes a countdown clock!

Unlike a live broadcast, you don’t have to be present during the airing. But I recommend you stick around! That way, you can respond to viewers’ comments as the video plays.

When the video ends, it automatically converts to a regular video post on your page, just like Facebook Live. It’s easy peasy!

DISCLAIMER: We’re not saying you should dismiss Facebook Live. People love watching live videos because they’re less glossy and more “real.” They add a human element that makes you more approachable. Yes, live video means getting out of your comfort zone. But no entrepreneur succeeds by staying comfortable. 😀

If you have any questions about Facebook Premiere or social media in general, please reach out to us!


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