Would you like to enhance your brand while making the world a happier place? Sure you would! Let’s explore a bit of email etiquette that’s so easy to do and has such a positive impact…yet not enough people do it.

Watch this video or read below to learn more!

Think of a time you got a group email that was sent to, say, 50 people…and you saw everyone’s email addresses listed in the “to” or “cc” line. (We’ve all gotten these emails!) This has two tragic consequences. First, some recipients would have preferred keeping their email addresses private; now that’s gone out the window. Second, some recipients may reply to the group email with the “reply all” button (because they can’t help it). As a result, everyone’s email inboxes are flooded with responses that probably no one but the original sender needs to see. It’s annoying and hurts productivity.

Actually, there’s one more consequence: The sender looks bad. They’re subtly communicating that they don’t care about people’s privacy or time. With multiple group emails over the course of weeks or months, they’re chipping away at their personal brand and company brand.

Be honest—have you ever done this? If so, no worries! You can fix it. It’s as easy as using the “bcc” line.

The next time you send a large group email, add yourself to the “to” line and everyone else to the “bcc” line. That way, everyone’s email addresses are kept private. And if anyone replies with the “reply all” button, only you will get the response, saving your recipients precious time.

If you already use the “bcc” line, kudos! Still, you can surely think of others who need this lesson, so please share this article and video! Together, we can make the world a happier place. Thank you!

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