Facebook is easier than this.

Facebook is easier than this.

In my networking travels, people of a certain age often tell me they’re too old for social media. Are you one of these folks? If so, what do you mean by “too old”? My guesses are:

      1. In your more mature age, you don’t see the point in social media. An hour at a coffee shop with your best friend is more meaningful than an hour “liking” cat videos.
      2. Since you weren’t born with an iPhone attached to your umbilical cord, you lack the genetic coding to learn social media.

Point #1 is valid. Point #2 is lame. Sorry. If you think you can’t learn social media, you’re wrong.

Social media is just like a software program. Can you check your email? Can you use Microsoft Word? Can you use the basic functions of your smartphone? Then you can easily learn social media—if you want to.

When it comes to learning new skills, we make excuses. I’m no exception. For instance, I can’t operate our Kenmore Elite front-load washer. What do the buttons mean?! What if I add too much detergent?! Will the machine swallow me up like that haunted tree in Poltergeist? That’s why my dear husband, Steven, manages the laundry while I watch cat videos.

The phrase “I can’t learn” really means “I don’t want to learn.” Are you unable—or unwilling?

Cat videos aside, there is value in social media, especially for businesses. Your customers most likely spend hours on social media each week. What a perfect opportunity to share the same space and offer meaningful content.

So, whether you were born in 1925 or 1995, give social media a whirl! We’d love to hear about your adventures. Of course, we’re always here to help. 🙂

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