Details matter, especially with Facebook ads. Have you ever tried targeting people in a specific geographic area, only to get responses from other locations? For instance, you set your ad to target Delaware but get some folks responding from Florida?

This can happen when you:

  1. Set up your ad via the blue “Boost Post” button OR…
  2. …miss a tiny detail when creating the ad in Ads Manager. (Don’t worry—the detail is easy to miss!)

Let’s start with the highly tempting “Boost Post” button. Yes, boosting is a quick-and-easy way to enhance your exposure*, but the location targeting is broader than you think. Let’s say you specify a 10-mile radius from your retail shop in Wilmington, DE. All good, right? Nope. Facebook will deliver your ad not only to people living within the radius, but also to those recently within the radius. That includes travelers! This explains those pesky Floridians (no offense to Floridians).

By contrast, Ads Manager lets you get more granular. The key is changing its default setting: “People living in or recently in this location.” Most marketers unknowingly miss the words “recently in this location” and keep the default.

This is a quick fix. In the dropdown menu, select “People living in this location.” Problem solved!

Yes, tiny tweaks can make a big difference! You just need to know where to look. If you need more guidance, reach out to me. I’m here to help!

* While I almost always recommend using Ads Manager, “Boost Post” does have one advantage. It’s incredibly simple and is thus a decent Plan B for entrepreneurs who lack the time and resources to deal with Ads Manager. “Boost Post” isn’t perfect, but it gets the word out.

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