You know how New Year’s resolutions go. You concoct goals that are nearly impossible to achieve. Then you quit by, say, January 15th, wallowing in your defeat with a pint of Half Baked Ben & Jerry’s. Believe me. I’ve been there!

What if you had New Year’s resolutions that made your life automatically easier? You’d keep them, right? Check out these three resolutions—specifically about social media marketing—that will instantaneously save you time and stress.

  1. Quit writing each post like a novel. Shorter posts tend to get better engagement, and they’re quicker to write! Aim for one or two sentences, tops.
  2. Use a prescheduling tool like to write your posts in advance and distribute them over multiple social media sites. This will save you tons of time! (Yes, many of you have heard me say this before, but you’re still not doing it. So I’ll keep saying it till I’m blue in the face.)
  3. Curate content more quickly with Google’s time-based search tool. Type your desired topic in the Google search bar, and when the results appear, go to the top menu and click Tools –> Any time –> Past week (or past 24 hours, past hour, etc.) Now you’ll see only articles in the time frame you want! Cool, huh?

Enjoy, and you’re welcome! Happy New Year!

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