Are you working ridiculous hours as a business owner?

Or are you working ridiculous hours for someone else?

Work less and live more with TimeAngel!

Life’s too short. Learn how to get more work done in less time—so you can devote more time to what really matters in your life.

With TimeAngel, you’ll:

  • Receive a customized analysis of your workday time wasters
  • Boost your productivity with handy digital tools
  • Get training on these digital tools and other powerful time-management habits
  • Enjoy weekly accountability checkups

Isn’t it about time you reclaim your time?

Work less. Live more.

“Prior to working with Delaware ShoutOut, I was overwhelmed with work.  I was being pulled in different directions, having difficulties completing my tasks, and was bringing work home every evening. Delaware ShoutOut exposed me to programs and ideas that I didn’t even realize were available.  I followed their advice, gave it an honest effort, and wow the results are amazing. I am no longer being pulled in many different directions, and I no longer bring work home! Thank you so much, Delaware ShoutOut.”

~ Christina Stanbery, Owner, Beyond Fifty

“Delaware ShoutOut’s TimeAngel offering was tailored to me and my particular challenges. They did a complete assessment and were able to pinpoint with great precision the few tools and practices that would make a huge impact on my productivity. I can honestly say that I have clawed back over an hour a day in lost productivity as a result of the coaching, tools, and support I got from TimeAngel.”

~ Sarah E. Brown, Ph.D., Author and CEO, Book of You™

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